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Storm Eurydice arrives in Messinia and Kalamata: caution is advised over the next few days with warnings issued for severe thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, potential flooding and strong winds. The weather is expected to improve from Monday. Tharros (AP 16-11-17)

A rally on November 9th and a strike on 12th is planned by private employees: The private sector employees of the Prefecture of Messinia continue their struggle on Sunday, November 12, with the mobilization of the union at 11.00 am. in  March 23rd Square, Kalamata, while three days earlier, on November 9th, they will participate in in rally which will also be held in the March 23rd Square for the same reason.Tharros (CP7-11-17)

Mani athletes protest about lack of sports facilities in Mani : The athletes of the two clubs of the region, the Mani Sports Association and the Sports Association of Avia made a token protest. during the meeting of the two teams in the 6th match of the A1 category. The players were photographed together in front of a banner that read "The Maniatopoulos want their own stadium". The whole area of ​​Mani does not have a single stadium, while other municipalities that have more than one, so athletes get tired of doing workouts and giving their home games to Kalamata. Tharros (CP7-11-17)

November sales period: The Novemver discount period runs from November 1st to 15th and the law allows the operation of  stores on Sunday, November 5, from 11.00 am. until 8.00 pm. During the discount period, in addition to the indication of the old and the new price of the products and services sold at a discount, advertising and commercial communication of a discount rate is permitted. Where discounts are inaccurate or misleading in respect of their percentage or accuracy of the prices quoted, or in terms of the quantity of products offered for sale or involve any form of concealment or misleading of the consumer, a fine of 1% of annual turnover will be imposed. Tharros (CP2-11-17)

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