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Taygetos Organic Beef, Milea : This local herd has finally got official certification, and you can order organic beef to be delivered by refrigerated van.
It has been slaughtered and hung for a week,  sliced ​​and packaged in vacuum packs in kg, cutlet, steaks etc.  Next deliveriesThursday October 5th to Mani and Kalamata! And on October 6th to Athens! For more information and orders please call 6978184549! or email    (CP 30-9-17)

Measles vaccination for adults and adolescents recommended: Due to the recent epidemic of measles in Greece, the National Vaccine Commission, according recommends direct vaccination with the measles-rubella-mumps vaccine (MMR vaccine) of adolescents and adults who have not been vaccinated with the necessary doses: According to the National Vaccine Program, children, adolescents and adults who were born after 1970 and have no history of disease should be vaccinated with 2 doses of measles vaccine. Babies should get the first dose of the MMR vaccine at the age of 12 months and  the second dose 3 months after the first dose or, as soon as possible. In high risk cases, the 2nd dose may be given at least 4 weeks after 1st. These recommendations apply as long as the outbreak of measles is underway and until a new Commission Decision is adopted. Tharros  (CP 30-9-17)

September 2017: Concern about inadequate school maintenance in W Mani: In an open letter, George Moundreas highlights the on going concerns. Although the Deputy Mayor has recently  approved works for window frames in the primary school of Stoupa and maintenance works of the Altomori Elementary School , the Dimos does not "....see or pretends not to see, the real and the essential needs that exist overall in the municipal infrastructure and especially in the school units.The problems and deficiencies in the school units of the Municipality have repeatedly been reported, especially by the Association of Parents and Guardians of Gdynia-Lyceum of Kardamili."

In 2014, a delegation of the Board of Directors the Parents' Association and Guardians of High School - Lyceum of Kardamyli, met with the Director of the then School Organization Building (OSK), Dimitrios Filippos, who  stated explicitly and categorically that in the last at least twenty years no request has been made for  general repairs or for the construction of a new school unit by local authorities in the area.

On 08/12/2016 the Mayor of West Mani replied in writing to parents that what they claim for omissions and indifference is not valid and ".... that there is no problem with the roof of the building, and described their concerns as "excessive". But after about four months of the Mayor's assurances,  at the request of the Chief Executive Officer of the company Building Infrastructure SA, an open public tender was submitted for the "Rehabilitation-Waterproofing of the roof" of the High School of Kardamyli ".

It is deduced that all that was said by former mayors about barriers to their work due to the economic crisis, were just excuses. George quotes a mother who, in a public post, wonders: "How did the funds available through subsidies and European programs during the golden years, get lost?" (CP19-9-17)

'Local Moods' - a new source of information about events & activities - The idea of ​​Local Moods was born when Tasos and Inga returned to Greece after a decade of living abroad, and began to think about ways in which tourism could help both the local community and facilitate the visitor's tour. For a visitor who comes to the Peloponnese, it is difficult to know about tlocal moodshese activities before arriving. This led them to the idea of ​​creating their website, where the visitor can be informed about creative and ecological activities throughout the Peloponnese. Their goal is to create a network of creative activities in the wider region and at the same time to promote the Peloponnese as a creative destination. At the same time, they intend to promote the work of artists and creators living in the area (be it Greeks or elsewhere) through the website and through their natural space in Kalamata. They are looking for people who really love what they do and want to share their passion and knowledge with others. Their website LOCAL MOODS is in English. See also  fb Local Moods Source:  Tharros (CP15-9-17)

'Old' bones found in Langhada : Bone remains, probably very old, surrounded police officers at the Kardamili Department on Sept 1st. They were from a small abandoned building in the forest area of Langhada. No one could confirm how it had been used in previous years. The bones were found accidentally, by residents of the area. The villagers notified the police, who informed the coroner, but as the bones had been there for a long time, the coroner could not confirm whether they were human bone or animal bones.   Tharros (CP15-9-17)

Leroy Merlin to open a branch in Kalamata : Leroy Merlin is a French company for home improvement. It has branches in 13 countries. It has been active in Greece since 2005 and is a member of the Groupe Adeo Group. The people of Leroy Merlin are actively engaged in local actions with specific programs for the environment and for people with special needs and living conditions. Recycling in shops and offices is done systematically. Plastic bags in stores have been removed and replaced with alternatives. Tharros  (CP15-9-17)

Maximum Cash Withdrawal Limit Rises to €1800 as Capital Controls Ease: As of 1st September, new regulations came into effect easing capital controls and raising the maximum monthly cash withdrawal limit to 1800 euros Greek reporter (1/9) Tharros (1/9)  (8-9-17)

Summary from PsM  ►SEPTEMBER◄ 2017

 W Mani : 'Rational Waste Management' - in collaboration with the 'Clean Mani' Assoc, the Dimos has published detailed advice about what and where household waste should be recycled in W Mani. There is also advice on composting, to further reduce what ends up in waste bins. Waste disposal continues to be a major problem in the region and the more rubbish that can be separated at source, the better for all.  waste management

The first Recycling Event for Children on August 2nd, organized by the 'Clean Mani' Association, was a great success and was reported as a "...small but important event ..." by Messinia Live. Youngsters learned how to reduce the plastic they use, from Sofia Philea, who stole the show. They also learnt about separating at source, by searching for recyclable items and placing them in the correct containers, as well as taking part in a painting competition News from CLEAN MANI

Gaia snippets - Gaia volunteer firefighters thanked by the Prime Minister
In mid August, some of the Gaia firefighters went to help fight the fires in Attica. Alexis Tsipras, who earlier had flown over the affected areas, expressed his gratitude to those who helped to extinguish the fire that had burned for three whole days in Northeast Attica. As soon as the Prime Minister was informed that help from Mani had arrived in Athens, he told the head of Gaia firefighters,  Kostas Xydeas: "Did you come from Mani to help? You deserve a lot of congratulations on your work. Thank you… The word thank you to a volunteer is of great importance, as well as the actions that need to be taken to upgrade this important group of volunteers in our region ...".   He also referred to the difficult terrain, on the one hand, and the adverse weather conditions on the other. Photo & video link in Gaia snippets

Forest Maps: There has been a further extension to the time allowed for appeals. Our Dimos (W Mani) is one of several local authorities in Greece who have not reviewed and agreed the forestry plan for their areas. Local authorities were required to review the plan and identify areas that were inhabited or already approved for habitation. If your land falls into the defined forestry land on the forestry maps, even if it has previously been approved for development, it is important to take advice see FOREST MAPS

Restoration of Patrick Leigh Fermor's house in Kardamyli: The long awaited work to renovate Patrick Leigh Fermor's House is now under way, funded by the Niarchos foundation. All of Paddy and Joan’s effects had been moved to Athens and the house is now empty. There is a huge amount to do to upgrade the house for its future role as an educational and  creative centre to  host intellectuals and scholars (writers, researchers, artists, poets, etc) who are looking for a quiet and hospitable place to work.The house is likely to be closed for 18 months for the work to be done. PLT house

Tango lessons: Argentinian tango dancers Valeria Buyatti and Marcelo Bottaro will be in Mani from 10th-17th September and would be delighted to give tango lessons for beginners. If anybody is interested or if a group is formed, they can get in touch with Olga Profili by email  or phone : +30697 693 16 62  MESSAGES

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