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On this page we put small items of news/information that may be of interest. They will be in order of receipt with the most recent first. If you have any news/links you would like to share, send them to

New AED (heart-attack defibrillator) to be kept at Steki Taverna: A new AED has been donated by Anne Gilbert and Kim Kilroy-Burns. It will be kept at Steki in Stoupa. If anybody would like any training  regarding this unit please do not hesitate to get in touch with Anne Gilbert email:  (AP 1/12/18)

End to undeclared income from rentals via Airbnb: The Greek governmnt is putting an end to undeclared income from renting out properties via Airbnb. There is a new framework for registering and taxing rental properties, with taxes of up to 45 percent of receipts and steep non-compliance fines of 5,000 euros.  The governor of the Independent Authority for Public Revenues (AADE, Greece’s IRS), Yorgos Pitsilis, signed a decision, effective 1 January, 2018, requiring registration of short-term rentals and an online declaration of the income at AADE’s website www.aade.gr. The AADE has already initiated cooperation with digital platforms that deal in international short-term rentals to share information.  Short-term rentals will be taxed in accordance with the tax scale for all-year rentals, based on the total annual rental income. That currently provides a 12,000 euro tax free limit. The first step is for homeowners to list their property on a special AADE registry, with each apartment or house receiving a separate registration.  The “administrator” of the property, who may be the owner or the person with the legal right to use it, must submit all data necessary in order to determine the annual rental receipts. A fine of 5,000 euros is the penalty for three categories of non-compliance with the new rules: Failure to list the property on the short-term rental registry; failure to clearly report the registration number in tax declarations; and failure of administrators to include the “Special Operation Permit” number in the advertisement on international short-term rental platforms. To Bhma (AP 2/8/18)

Chasamba classes raise €200 for Gaia: Thanks to the efforts of Sheila Chamberlain who provides weekly chasamba classes at Maniatiko Taverna during her holidays and the ladies who braved the heat to support this fun event, €200 was raised to support the important work that Gaia does. The next Chasamba classes will take place on Monday 16th, 23rd and 30th July at 930am. Again all proceeds will be donated to Gaia. (AP 11/6/18)

Leigh Fermor House to become center for scholars: One of Greece’s most beautiful homes, Leigh Fermor House is set to become a center for scholars and intellectuals.  Athens’ Benaki Museum and Aria Hotels have revealed Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor House in Kardamyli will be preserved for people to work in its stunning environs from 2020 onwards. Under the alliance, the museum will ensure the preservation of the house and its contents, and enable the public to have access to the beautiful property. Hospitality services will be provided by Aria Hotels, a hotel and villas company that specializes in the provision of authentic retreats in restored, historic Greek properties. Leigh Fermor House is located in a Mediterranean garden of cypress trees, olive trees, fragrant shrubs with white oleanders and wild flowers rolling down to the sea. It has three stone buildings: the main house, the writer’s studio and a small annex. Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor (1915-2011), universally known as ‘Paddy’, was an author, scholar and decorated war hero. He is also celebrated as one of the finest travel writers of his generation. As a member of the British military, he played a prominent role in the Cretan resistance during the Second World War and was a great admirer and lover of Greece. In the 1960s Leigh Fermor and his wife Joan chose to spend the rest of their lives in Greece and to build their home, lavishing much love and attention on it, in the idyllic coastal town of Kardamyli. In 2016, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation approved a donation to the Benaki Museum to fully cover repair works and restoration.  For more information, visit the webpage of the Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor House.. Greek reporter(AP 23-3-18)

Urgent warning to dog owners: Two little dogs from our area came recently in contact with the so called Processionary Caterpillars.  Vet Kostas Antonopoulos had to amputate parts of their tongues. We want to inform you about these dangerous insects and want to give you advice of what to do when your dog (or cat) licks or eats one of these caterpillars.  
Our vet Kostas recommends to give the steroid MEDROL,  1mg per kilogram of body weight as a first aid measure, when you see an acute allergic reaction caused by these caterpillars. The following three or four days the dog should get half the dose of the steroid. Vet Kostas stresses the importance of contacting your vet because not all dogs react well to steroids and because there could be a million other reasons why your dog should be treated individually and maybe with a different drug.  Kostas Antonopoulos does not know any cases of cats that had to be treated against the allergic reactions from Processionary Caterpillars.  We have included more information and photos on MIAO;s page here(AP 7/2/18)

Gaia receives an award - Gaia was recently recognised by the Hellenic FIre Service for the fantastic work they do in the Messinia region. Christina Constantios attended the award ceremony in Kalamata last week to collect the Award. Well done to Christina and all the volunteers for their hard work and dedication! Details (AP 1-12-17)


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