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WANTED for Gaia's community support work.. If you want more information or can help with any item(s) please contact the GAIA Base on 27210 7919

WELFARE STORE :Any supplies of non-perishable food items (coffee, sugar, pasta,tomato paste, milk, tinned goods, toiletries etc) for Gaia's welfare store are welcome. You can use the collection basket at Katerina's supermarkets. Treats such as chocolate and biscuits are also more than welcome!


The team now has 11 families in the Municipality, being offered emotional and practical support, usually on a weekly, but sometimes daily, basis. (A local bakery is donating bread at the end of each day). Several people who need help are elderly (80s and 90s) with no family. The team is helping with visits, freshly prepared meals, and basic necessities such as toiletries and incontinence pads. Another family has no income and the father is in and out of hospital. In another, both the mother and her son need operations, but father has no work. In addition to general support, the team has managed to arrange for the boy's operation.

Look for the basket with the PsM/GAIA sign

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Gaia is acting as a distribution centre for medical equipment. If you have any spare equipment, from small items such as wrist supports or slings, to crutches and wheel chairs, that you no longer need, Gaia will make use of them. Gaia works closely with the social centre in Kalamata, which supplies free medical services to anyone in need. This service is available to all of us if we are in need, and for any reason, are unable to pay. (10-10-13)

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