Just before their return from the UK, Michael and Elaine Biddle contacted us and asked if they could bring some small medical items with them, that would be useful for Gaia's 1 st Aid or welfare store. This set us thinking. As they were flying, they could not bring much,

BUT, if many people brought just a few bits and pieces each, it would make a BIG difference here !

So we have compiled a list of non-prescription medical items that are either difficult to get here, a lot more expensive here than the UK, or just expensive!


ibuprofen - especially 400mg



plaster tapes of various kinds eg micropore

assorted plasters

adhesive strapping

compression bandages

sealed individual sterile swabs


small bottles of Dettol antiseptic

saline eye wash

good quality scissors

compression bandages

elastic bandages

disposable gloves - LARGE size only

medical scissors

instant cold packs

survival blankets


blood glucose monitoring machine

blood glucose strips for 1 touch ultra machine

adjustable straps for securing patients onto a spinal board(about5)

defibrillator pads

small clear zip-up 1st aid bags


dermidex cream

Savlon antiseptic creme

antihistamine cream

Aspivenin pen (to treat bites & stings) ASPIVENIN

local anaesthetic

If you bring donations, please contact Karen Miller, who organises the medical supplies for Gaia. Contact telephone 27210 74603.

If you are aware of other medical items that are either difficult to obtain here, or much cheaper in the UK, please let Karen know before purchasing them, as Gaia may already have a supply.

A website suggested by Brian O Connor as a source of various medical supplies is

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