The Mani International Animal Organisation (MIAO/ΦΟΜ) is dedicated to improving animal welfare through providing information, education and help when needed, to encourage and ensure that animals are properly cared for. Many cases of animal neglect and suffering are through lack of knowledge.

Failure to treat animals in an appropriate way, can now have severe penalties in Greece ( see below ), but the aim is always prevention rather than punishment. If you come across any animal abuse in Mani, or have any other animal welfare issue, please report it to MIAO in the first instance. In case of emergency tel Eva 6972 775 870 ( German, Greek ) or Julia 6978 330 816 ( English , Greek ) or Chris 6985 986 331( English)


In 2011 the Greek Government published a draft of their proposed new Animal Welfare Laws. The laws proposed were to be some of the toughest in Europe, and covered all aspects of animal welfare from domestic pets to circuses and businesses breeding animals for fur. We published a summary of some of the key points in 2012. A number of aspects were challenged, especially by businesses and hobbies that would be affected by some of the restrictions. However, some of the proposals became law in 2012, and after revisions, the main proposals became law in 2013.

A number of cases have been taken to court which has shown the need for clarification of some issues. On April 8th the prosecutor published a CLARIFICATION OF LAW 4039/2012

A few of the points relevant to the general public are :-

-- Not only is active abuse of animals forbidden( poisoning, drowning etc) but also passive abuse such as inappropriate accommodation, lack of daily exercise and walking, and permanent shackling, are punishable offenses.

-- Anyone convicted of badly ill treating an animal will be banned from keeping another animal

-- Breeding cats and dogs for fur, skin, meat or for testing pharmaceuticals is forbidden.

-- If someone provides shelter for a stray animal, it is assumed to be no longer a stray, and it becomes the responsibility of the person providing shelter. ie they take on the responsibilities of any pet owner.

-- Just feeding stray animals is ok, and encouraged BUT any food remaining must be cleared away and public areas kept clean. Food must not be put on neighbouring white marble doorsteps!

For people who break the laws, the fines and other punishments can be severe. We have been sent a rough translation of '... of the most relevant PROCEDURAL/ADMINISTRATIVE fines foreseen in the Greek Law 4039/2012 '

• These fines can be imposed BOTH by the Greek Police and the local Municipal Police

• ALL the fines' money goes to the care of the stray animals living in the Municipality where the incident occurred.

• In cases of severe animal abuse ( killing, poisoning, torture etc. ) there exist also PENAL penalties (involving time in prison and even higher monetary fines ).

Here are a few examples:-

Canvassing that an animal is up for adoption or sale without mentioning the animal's Electronic Tag number or the animal welfare group which is putting the animal up for adoption 300€

Failing to produce to the local municipality a copy of the pet's Electronic Tag, Failing to chip & register a pet in time, or failing to report its loss 300€

Selling a pet younger than 8 weeks 2.000€

Keeping animals in a block of flats' common areas 300€ per animal

Maltreating, torturing, abusing an animal and any other act of violence, trading or exchanging or circulating through the internet of any audiovisual material depicting such acts with the aim to achieve profit 30.000 € per animal and per incident


Click on the links below for more information about the fines for various offences.

Article 21 - Administrative penalties and fines related to the points of law

For further information about Greek animal welfare laws contact MIAO/ ΦΟΜ




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