A two-day conference on the sustainable development of Taygetos begins today


The first two-day conference on the holistic and participatory sustainable development of Taygetos will be held today and tomorrow at the "Nikolaos Politis" amphitheater of the University of Peloponnese.
The work will start today at 2.30 pm and the event will be completed in 4 sessions, with a total of 24 speakers.

The event is signed by the "Friends of Verga", Residents' Initiative for Ecology - Environment - Culture and the Mountaineering Association of Kalamata.

Paths and Taygetos

The speeches that will be developed today are the following:

-The Paths of Nikos Kazantzakis & George Zorbas, Katerina Exarchoulea-Georgilea, curator of Folklore "Nartura"

- The EOS of Kalamata and the Trails of Taygetos, Konstantinos Fykiris, topographic engineer, president of EOS Kalamata

-Restoration of the North-East Taygetos Trail Network, Konstantinos Laganas, president of "EOS Sparta" & Theodoros Karounos, president of the Taygetis Mystras Association "Barsinikos"

- The Transverse Fountains of Mani, Vasiliki Kateri, President of "Nartura"

-Hydro-powered pre-industrial facilities, Stelios Mouzakis, researcher of Cultural History, "TIMS-Hellenic Team"

-Old Paths: Past, Present and Future, Thymios Alexopoulos, EOS Kalamata

-Menalon Trail: Creation of a Greek Model of Management and Development in the Mountain Volume and its application in the Network of Trails of the Peloponnese, Ioannis P. Lagos, economist, president of "Mainalon Koin.S.Ep."

-The area of ​​Central East Taygetos (Settlements - Populations - Movements), George Giaxoglou, NTUA architect, "Spiritual Home of Sparta"

-Cleaning and maintenance of old Agricultural Paths and Fountains of Itilo, Bessy Polyzogopoulou, economist, president of the Association of Itilians

-Reservation and promotion of the Cultural Heritage in Taygetos, Febronia Hexakoustidou, science policy, president of the Progressive Citizens' Initiative "I participate" in Kalamata

-The years when the Machines were Wooden (Watermills, Windmills, Sugar Mills, Rice Mills, Horse Mills, etc.), George Speis, ethnographic researcher, "TIMS-Hellenic Team"

-Recognition of Shared - Public Ownership and Registration of Old Non-Carriage Roads in the National Land Registry, Nikolaos Patsarinos, civil engineer, "Friends of Verga" and "I Participate" Associations.

Sustainable Development

The following speeches will be given tomorrow, Thursday:

-Cultural Management of Mountain Landscapes: The Necessity of Biocultural Planning for the Sustainable Development of Mountainous and Semi-Mountainous Areas, Eugenia P. Bitsani, Professor, Department of DEO, University of Peloponnese

-The value of Xerolithia - Practical training of stone craftsmen and volunteers, Antonia Theodosiou, architect - Environmental Engineer, vice-president of "SDS / DEEX", president of the Association "Petra stin Petra"

-Roads of Freedom - Roads of Power: Cartographic presentation of Historical Routes of Taygetos, Dr. V. Panagiotidis, supervisor Dr. V. Valantou, Professor N. Zacharias, Laboratory of Archaeometry, University of Peloponnese

-Sustainable Development of Taygetos and Climate Crisis, Konstantinos A. Markakis, electrical - mechanical engineer NTUA, representative of AMKE "Friends of Verga"

-Xerolithic constructions in Greece: their value and devaluation, Ioulia K. Papaeftychiou, dr. NTUA Architects, former Vice President of "SDS / DEEX"

-Integrated Spatial Investment (OHL) of Taygetos: Tool for Sustainable Development & Social Cohesion, Panagiota Kourakli, Surveyor, Director of Planning - Development & European Affairs, Municipality of Kalamata

-Production and Entrepreneurship in Taygetos, Pavlos Graikis, Secretary General of the Chamber of Messinia

-Taigetos and Environmental Education - Programs and Actions, George Argyroiliopoulos, teacher KEPEA Kalamata

-Three forts on the road from Saidona to Exochori, Giannis Biris, doctor, historian.

-Taygeto Plant Biodiversity - Rare Taygetos Orchids, Maria Koumoundourou, agronomist technologist

-The Cultural Center of Verga: The Archive of Karousos and the Chapel of Ag. Spyridon, Ph.D. Katerina Karousou, president of the Karousos Archive

-Rehabilitation - Promotion of Cultural Heritage & Environmental - Transportation Projects, Panagiotis Cheilas, economist, former president of the Community of Verga.

Source: Tharrosnews.gr