Additional measures to limit the spread of coronavirus

Additional measures to limit the spread of coronavirus: (for 2 weeks from today at 12 midnight)
The following business activities have been suspended across the country (the relevant activity code - CAD is indicated):

1. Activities of all types of restaurants and mobile catering services (CAD 5610), excluding activities related to product distribution (delivery, room service, etc.) and takeaway products that are not permitted to use and serve seats.

2. Event catering activities (CAD 5621).

3. Activities of all kinds of beverage supply (dance centers, refreshments, café bars, cafes, cafes, entertainment centers, etc.) (KAD 5630), excluding activities related to product distribution (delivery, room service etc.) and a take-away package that includes the use and serving tables is not allowed.

4. Film screening activities (CA 5914).

5. Operation of auditoriums and related activities (CA 9004).

6. Library and archive activities (CAD 9101).

7. Museum activities (KAD 9102).

8. Operation of historical sites and buildings and similar visitor attractions (KAD 9103).

9. Gambling and betting (including casinos, casinos, etc.) (CA 9200), excluding online activities, online gaming services and online betting services.

10. Operation of sports facilities (KAD 9311).

11. Sports club activities (KAD 9312), excluding athletes and teams in preparation for the Olympic Games.

12. Fitness facilities (KAD 9313).

13. Activities of amusement parks and other amusement parks (amusement parks, amusement parks, festivals, exhibitions of a commercial nature, etc.) (CA 9321).

14. The following other entertainment and entertainment activities: disco services (no drinks or meals offered) (CA, playground services (CA, bowling and related entertainment services (football, etc.) (CA 93.29.19), Other entertainment services (CA 93.29.2).

15. Hairdressing, hairdressing and beauty salon activities (KAD 9602).

16. Physical wellbeing activities (CA 9604).

17. The following other personal service activities: tattoo services (CAT, prostitution services (CAT, piercings (CAT

18. The activity of all stores operating in-store partnerships is in outlets, shopping centers and discount villages, with the exception of superfood stores. market.

General Instruction: At all points of the public service, the general instruction is that stores must take all appropriate precautions to avoid creating queues of more than five (5) persons.

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