CLEAN MANI - letter to the mayor

Letter sent out to the Mayor of West Mani on 08 May 2020, with copies to the Environmental Management of the Peloponnese, and Party Leaders of the Municipal Council.

The letter was signed by the President of the Clean Mani Association, Sophia Christofilopoulou, and the Secretary, Christos Kiskiras.


Dear Sir,
Following the meeting we had, on February 6, 2020, regarding the issues of cleanliness in our Municipality, we return with some findings and questions that arose, after your recent announcements in the local press on 3/5/2020, regarding waste management. We would like you to inform us about the following:

• Where the waste collected until the completion and implementation of the new contract is transferred.
• If you knew that the signing of the new contract is neither easy nor immediate, because you did not inform the citizens in time about the more rational management of their waste, (there is a relevant announcement on the page of the Municipality on 6/5/2020). In our opinion this should have been done the day after you took office.
• How is the volume of waste, which occasionally accumulates, justified at the "Kolokotroni" dump site in Frigano, which has been documented with photographs. These images show the pollution and degradation of the environment and the endangerment to public health.
• Finally, we would like to ask if any protection measures have been taken at the site "Ai Giorgis" which has been turned into a landfill for years, and the contents of which end up on the beach of Pantazi, with the problems known to all of us, so that they do not happen again.

We would also like you to inform us if the instructions of the Peloponnese Region, in a relevant response document, have been implemented by the Municipality - reference of the Association of Clean Mani (reference no. 3999 / 23.8.2019) in which among other things is stated:
• The sensitization of the citizens in order to sort at source (separation of organic-recyclable). This is a proposal that has been made by our Association, because we believe that this reduces the volume of waste, resulting in less environmental pollution and less expense for the Municipality.
• The determination and licensing of Green Points within the Municipality, the planning of which fully covers the European conditions set by the new policy for the circular economy.

We know very well that the situation with respect to waste management should have been different for years. We recognize the efforts, but also the difficulties that you are called to face during this period, but the complacency and the non-global treatment of the problem can only create further problems in health, the environment and the area.
 We would like to inform you that the majority of our fellow citizens agree that the current situation is intolerable,  and cannot be accepted. How can we reconcile the images of garbage next to our beautiful beaches and the haughty Mani Towers that the visitor takes with him when leaving Mani? We do not want a repetition of this.
We remain at your disposal to assist in any way you deem appropriate and we look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.