Composting using Active Microorganisms

We would like to address the Associations of West Mani and those citizens who are interested in the production of compost, either on a group basis or individually, by using active microorganisms (EM).

The use of active microorganisms for the production of compost means that, on the one hand, the environment is not polluted with organic waste, and on the other hand, the use of active microorganisms also helps to upgrade the environment.

A healthy environment is created by upgrading soil, which has become diseased and toxic as a result of the long-term use of chemicals.

In the first stage, active microorganisms stop infection, absorb chemical poisons and radioactivity, and create conditions of balance between organisms.

The process for using active microorganisms is simple, and the compost is ready for use after about 4 weeks.



The idea is to establish a group in the community, with the aim of using active microorganisms for composting, to clean and improve the soil. Whether we are few or many, we can (at a very low cost) achieve a number of goals:


1. To stop throwing away leftovers and other organic waste.

2. To produce excellent quality soil.

3. To use the soil treated with the compost to grow healthy plants.

 4. To clear the soil of all kinds of poisons.

5. To use active microorganisms in olive growing, animal husbandry, and beekeeping. 

For further information, and to register your interest in participating, please contact either Christos (Greek) or Dr Sophia (Greek, English).

Christos Kiskiras : 6932442551, 2721078054, or

Sophia Christofilopoulou: 6977779314, 2721077771, or