Five cases of coronavirus in Messinia

27/08/2020 12:10
Kalamata Hospital: 24-year-old who returned from vacation positive for the coronavirus
Another case of coronavirus was confirmed on Tuesday night at the General Hospital of Kalamata. According to information, a 24-year-old man who was in Rhodes recently returned to Kalamata, presenting suspicious symptoms. In the molecular test submitted to the Kalamata Hospital, the results showed that he was positive for the coronavirus. As the young man's symptoms are mild, the medical staff advised him to remain in "quarantine" at home.

5 cases in total according to EODY

In yesterday's announcement of EODY late in the afternoon, in the geographical distribution of cases, Messinia had a total of five. According to information, apart from the 24-year-old, the other four confirmed cases were found in private microbiological centers in Kalamata. These are mostly young patients who have symptoms such as fever and cough. It should be emphasized that no patient needs hospitalization and everyone is in "quarantine" in their home.

The significant increase in cases in our area, however, "rings" a alarm bell for proper compliance with the measures, especially by vulnerable groups, as it seems that in recent days there is a spread of the new virus in the local community.