For four years now, asking for a discussion on the water of Mani

P. Basakos: "For four years now, four factions have been asking for a discussion on the water of Mani"
29/07/2020 19:38

His objections for some of the solutions promoted for water supply of villages of Mani, but also for the complaints of the Cultural Association of Lagada that due to his own absence on Friday the Municipal Council of West Mani did not meet, expressed the leader speaking to "Tharros" of the combination "New Ideas Better Days", Panagiotis Basakos.

Mr. Basakos stressed that neither in Friday's meeting, nor in the one that was scheduled for last night, the invitation with the issues of the agenda included any discussion about the water problems in Mani.

The reason for the abstention
He explained that he did not really go to the meeting on Friday, like Mr. Marabeas, and the reason for their abstention was the third consecutive direct assignment for waste transportation that the Municipal Authority wanted the council to approve without even a formal competition. "They say that we were missing, but the first one who was missing was the responsible deputy mayor for projects, Mr. Christeas. Also, two advisors were missing from the combination of Mr. Androvitsaneas. "So why, in its announcement, does the Association speak only about us?", Stressed Mr. Basakos.

"We have requested a discussion"
Regarding the use of private drilling, Mr. Basakos noted that there is no certification of water analysis by a state laboratory or the Directorate of Health, except for an analysis by a private laboratory.

"And the most important thing is that to date no study has been done on pumping, piping and channeling water. "There is no study on drilling," he added.

Finally, he underlined that as an opposition of the Municipal Council, together with three other factions of the House, with 13 signatures of councilors, they have asked to discuss the issue of water. "And every time the president of the House raises the last issue and every time time passes and tells us that we do not have time to discuss it", concluded Mr. Basakos.

By Viki Vetoulaki