GAIA news

Dear members and friends,

Daily life as we have come to know it has changed for everyone. We participate as a team in the efforts to reduce the spread of the corona virus (covid -19) and to protect public health. We stay informed with the latest news about current safety measures, which we as a team also adhere to with great responsibility at the base. Our aim is always the prtection of our volunteers and the general public. But life continues, and almost daily, we were called out, and dealt with the following incidents for the first three and a half months of 2020.

First aid: 16

Fires: 12

Car accidents: 5

Rescuing animals: 2

Rescuing people: 1

On the humanitarian side - solidarity - that is important to us all and which you have supported with your contributions, we are able to provide help to people in need. We offered: food to 30 families, paramedical items ( clothes, medicines, and items of personal care and hygiene) to a total of 50 people. Providing assistance at home: 10 Persons. 

Items that we need and which are most important are the following: Diapers an food for babies (milk, cream, baby food etc). Items for personal hygiene (pads, body shampoo, shampoo etc). Also food (coffee, sugar and flour).

The fire season began on the 15th of April this year. In these difficult times that we are all experiencing, we would like to remind you of the importance of your contributions and donations. GAIA bank account details can be found on the GAIA homepage.  Even the smallest donation is welcome, to allow GAIA to support our fellow human beings in times of need. Sincerely GAIA