In numbers, the events of December at the Peloponnese Police Department


The Hellenic Police Headquarters released yesterday the activity report of the services of the General Regional Police Directorate of Peloponnese.

The data show that checks were carried out on 44,562 vehicles, 48,190 people, 1,972 shops, while 1,249 arrests were made and a total of 587 people were arrested.

Of the 587 people, 72 were arrested for theft and burglary, 6 for robbery, 61 for foreigners, 10 for weapons, 87 for drugs, 14 prosecuted – convictions and 337 for other offences.

For the measures against the spread of the coronavirus, a total of 1,770 checks were carried out and one violation was found. In particular, 664 checks were carried out in shops, 193 in MMM, 52 at the airport and 913 in other places, where one violation was detected.

The violations of the KOK were 5,713, while those related to disabled ramps 69.

Finally, for disturbing the peace there were 64 complaints, 262 checks were made, 9 violations were confirmed, while no store was sealed.