Key water transfer project in Kalamata and Messina Signed

Signed, today, Monday, August 24, 2020, by the Minister of Interior, Panagiotis Theodorikakos and by the Mayor of Kalamata and President of the Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Kalamata (DEYAK), Thanassis Vassilopoulos, the important infrastructure project for the Municipality and the "Replacement of a main water pipeline from the Leap Sources to Kalamata and Messina", with a total budget of 11,127,000 euros, which will be implemented with funding from the "Antonis Tritsis" Program.

Then, in the context of a joint meeting under the minister, there was an extensive report on the problems of the Municipalities of Messinia, where they discussed ways to deal with them through the "Antonis Tritsis" Program.

The meeting was attended by: the Mayor of Kalamata, Thanassis Vassilopoulos, the MPs, Miltos Chrysomallis and Periklis Mantas, the Mayors of Messina, George Athanasopoulos, West. Manis Dimitris Giannimaras, Pylos - Nestoros Panagiotis Karvelas, Trifylias George Leventakis and Oichalias Giota Georgakopoulou. Also present at the meeting were the Director of the Office of the Ministry of Interior Giannis Skalkos, the President of EETAA Elias Giatsios, the General Secretary of KEDE Dimitris Kafantaris, the Chairman of the Board, Deputy Mayors, Local Government and Ministerial officials.

Immediately after the signing of the project, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Theodorikakos stated: "The reason for today's visit to the Municipality of Kalamata is pleasant and I would say very substantial. With this signing and the finalization and the start, in essence, of the construction project of the new water supply pipeline, with money from the Program of the Ministry of Interior, the “Antonis Tritsis” Program, we launch the final solution of the water supply problem for the city of Kalamata, but at the same time for the Municipality of Messina and prospects for the Municipality of West Mani.

It is not allowed in our time not to have solved the problem of water supply. I'm very sensitive to that.

I continue, therefore, the efforts of my predecessor in this matter, as far as I mean in Kalamata.

Besides, it is a project for which the Prime Minister, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, was personally interested, but also the former Prime Minister, Mr. Samaras, who comes from your area. And I believe that you will ensure with transparency and efficiency that the project is completed within 2-2.5 years, as planned. To come with the good here, after 2.5 years, to see the immediate and tangible result, together with all the citizens of Kalamata and together, of course, with the hundreds, thousands of tourists and people who love Kalamata , because it is a beautiful place in the Southern Peloponnese, with great dynamics.

At the same time, I want to inform that I will have a meeting with all the Mayors of Messinia, to see all the Municipalities, the basic issues, as we prepare the new inclusions in the "Antonis Tritsis" Program.

And because we all see that we are going through a difficult period in our country, mainly due to the coronavirus crisis, I want to point out that the Ministry of Interior has taken all measures to keep the country's schools clean. We hire 9,500 cleaners. For the first time in many years, we are fully restoring the labor-insurance rights of these people, who until last year were working in medieval conditions - literally. Half the number is full time for 10 months. So, I want to send a message to the citizens of Kalamata, regarding the part of cleaning in schools, it is absolutely ok and they should feel safe and secure.

Also, as I have already explained by order of the Prime Minister, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Ministry of Interior, with today's Decision signed, 6.2 million euros to the Central Union of Greek Municipalities (KEDE), ensures that free textiles and reusable masks to children and teachers, so that we all realize that for several more months, all we can do to protect ourselves from the coronavirus is use the mask and distance. This is a message that we must pass on to our children. In schools we will have these difficulties, but as we proved in the winter and spring last year, the Greeks, when we are united, we know how to succeed. And so together we can move forward and face any difficulty. "

Asked about the issue of the electoral law for the Local Government, Mr. Theodorikakos reiterated that "our commitment is clear, we will abolish the simple proportional system, we will change the electoral law. That's going to happen in the next few months. "

In addition, when asked if there will be an extension of the date for the undeclared squares, he said: "Is there any citizen who knows that he will save 300, 400, 500, 1,000 euros if he does this procedure for 5 minutes on his computer until August 31, and will not do it? So far, 1,050,000 Greeks have done so, who have saved about 250 million euros, which would otherwise be owed to the State. The State behaved with credibility. We said come and make this statement, which I emphasize is the difference between the existing E9 and the existing square statements in the PPC bills, which we all pay. Those who have this difference are concerned with this case, not some other people. We told you to come and do it so that you do not pay fees and fines for five years. Society embraced it. 1,050,000 people came and did it. Those who are still - I do not know if there are others and how many there are - have until August 31st. We gave 2 extensions, one on March 31 and one on June 30. We clarified on June 30 that we will do it until August 31 and that there will be no further extension. And personally, I belong to those who mean what they say. And I think citizens fully understand that. And that's why I would say, various people who raise this issue, if they know people who have this backlog, let them do it by August 31st, to complete it without any problem at all. Two helpful clarifications: I have heard some people say that the E9 platform is closed. This has nothing to do with our subject. The AADE platform concerning E9 is indeed closed, but this does not concern our case at all. Nobody asks them to get in there. Nobody asks them to change E9. He asks them if E9 differs from the PPC account to assimilate them. Secondly, those who make use of the arbitrary law in September have no problem with our regulation. If they acknowledge their arbitrariness in September, then they will make the relevant statement to change the square footage in the PPC bills, without any fee and without any fine. There is no issue, some people create it out of selfishness. The citizens know it and have embraced it and I am sure that those who have the backlog will complete it by August 31 ".

For his part, the Mayor of Kalamata, Thanassis Vassilopoulos, said: "We had a fruitful discussion with the minister, after all he is aware of the issues of the region as we have regular communication. We talked about the projects and studies that we aspire to be funded by the "Antonis Tritsis" program, about waste management, about institutional issues and about modifications that will help in the faster and more efficient implementation of the projects. I also raised with the Minister issues concerning the staff, and in particular the need to fill permanent posts

As far as the coronavirus is concerned, we are on an open line, faithfully implementing the measures set by the State in cooperation with the experts.

For us Mayors in our discussions, we often mention that we feel the Minister is always by our side, as the door to his office is always open and his associates are always available to us.

I thank him for his presence and support and we are sure that this will continue in the future for the good of the Local Government and of course for the good of our country ".