Mask in all outdoor and indoor today - What applies


Mask in all outdoor and indoor today - What applies

New measures based on the decisions of the Committee of Coronavirus Specialists were implemented from 6 in the morning and will last until January 2, as announced yesterday by the Minister of Health Thanos Plevris.

Under the new measures, the mask is now mandatory in all outdoor and indoor areas, even in gyms and bars. In particular, one does not use the mask only when consuming food or a drink.
The double mask or the enhanced masks are now mandatory in supermarkets and on public transport.   
Under the new measures, public or private Christmas entertainment events will not take place in any part of the country. Theme parks are excluded from this regulation. Also, those who enter the country, in addition to the test they are required to have before entering, must - after a strong recommendation of the committee - undergo repeated tests on the second and fourth day from the time they arrive in our country.
Strong recommendation also makes a test committee before any social event. As the Minister of Health Th. Plevris said, the younger ones should go out, but pay attention to their contacts with vulnerable people and the elderly in the days following their departure.   
The committee of experts, as he said, will meet again on December 27 and will evaluate the effectiveness of the new measures until then, but - as he explained - is ready to propose from January 3 new measures that have already been proposed and will be announced when necessary.
These new measures, which will take effect after January 3, have to do with entertainment - as the committee develops various scenarios for working hours - sporting events, teleworking and non-essential activities.

The Minister of Health explained that there will be no restrictive measures such as lockdown and clarified that there is no need to reset the SMS. As he stressed, the measures will not concern schools but only entertainment, recreation and teleworking. Answering relevant questions, the Minister of Health said that the mask remains mandatory in the church and in theaters and cinemas, while the controls of the measures are intensified.
Specifically, as Mr. Plevris said, the inspections that will be done in the coming days, will be proportional to those that have been done throughout the previous year. If we see that there is no compliance with the measures, the commission can obviously recommend additional measures, he added, implying that compliance with the measures is very important, so as not to burden citizens with newer ones.
The Minister of Health stressed yesterday that Omicron is also in our country and in fact in the last few days there is an increase in cases, a fact that is being investigated if it is due to the large number of cases that are observed due to the holidays.
Omicron has a very high transmissibility, that is the only sure thing, said the Minister of Health and stressed that in terms of morbidity and severity of the disease it can do, it is something that we will know in the next 10 to 15 days.
The Minister of Health also stressed that the vaccination coverage has increased significantly and is over 80% of the total population, while he added that more than 72% of those eligible for the booster dose have already done so.