Media attention for Water Problems

This year the water problems are more severe than before.

BEST.TV 16 July 2020
BEST.TV 24 July 2020 15 July 2020 28 July 2020

A lot of villages are without or get little water for days and weeks.

- Poliana
- Neochori
- In and below Kotroni
- Between Ag. Dimitris and Platsa
- Between Rigklia and Pigi
- Lefktron
- Rigklia and Ano Rigklia
- Pyrgos
- No tapwater in Ag. Nikolaos

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We had water for 1 hr the other night in Pyrgos after 12 days of no water, and before that many weeks of guessing when we may get a trickle. No one is working together to resolve this problem, and the villages are definitely not working together.  I have lived here for 14 years and water has always been an issue, but never like this; and I have travelled extensively to many parts of the world with huge water issues, and they are being managed so much better than here.  This must be humiliating for Greece to be classified worse than a third world country on this matter. 
Are we to turn tourists away because we have no water, and we cannot get this situation sorted.  There will be enough problems economically with the Corona virus killing off a major source of income without the local government adding to this problem.
We must work together, and get EU support.  Secondly, there must be some control as to the number of swimming pools being built, and that these should be charged an extra tax, and not be filled using the main water sources of the area until the water issue is resolved permanently. Has no one here heard of desalination plants? There are so many solutions to this problem.
Yours sincerely, Sophia

To whom it may concern,
Is Greece a 3rd world country? Not providing water for weeks on end is a breach of human rights and needs to be brought to the attention of the EU authorities concerned. No more excuses nor platitudes but action please! Money must be provided for a new water system as this cannot continue and is a major failure of local management. Now that tourists may influx the area, it will only exacerbate the area. We have had to instal a water tank years ago to cope with daily outages but this is no longer sufficient. This is a shameful situation which needs to be immediately addressed with top priority.
Phillip & Laura Day. Riglia.

Hi, I was wondering  if you could help please, its regarding  the lack of water up in Neochori. We went to a meeting  last night up in the Taverna  in Neochori  and still none the wiser.  If you have any information  it would be really appreciated.  This is our 3rd day without  water. Stoupa has water and a few more Villages,  but sadly the water situation  in Agios Nikolas  is extremely  bad. They have not had any water for three weeks now. Every time I go down to the Dimos  in Kardamyli  I get a different  explanation.  
Its peoples  rights to have water, this is the Twenty first century.  Holiday makers should not be allowed  to visit when there is such shortages and with the Virus,  it's just ridiculous.  How are we supposed  to constantly  was our hands when we have no water. Even the Spring water talks are empty  in the Village.
Yours truly J Phillipson.

I live in POLLIANA.
Since May 15th I can give you the number of days we have been without water completely, had an interuptded supply or had water all day.

This has been going on for years and the demos and mayors have done nothing to make this better. I sent a letter 8 years ago  suggesting that they get funding from Europe as water is one of the first things that  the EU will provide funding for , needless to say I received no reply. 
When you ask  the demos for answers they will not give straight answers and there is no communication from the demos to all the residents, they have web page but when you send  information again no replies.
Peter Rollett

Please add PYRGOS to the list of villages getting very little or no water for weeks.
Thank you! Vivian