Messinia: Extension for the declassification of forest areas

30/08/2020 19:25

The deadline for individual administrative acts and the submission of the required supporting documents, including an engineer's certificate when there is a building permit, for the declassification of forest areas was extended to Messinia until September 14.

The initial date of the deadline for our region expired on August 19, but with yesterday's announcement the Directorate of Forests announced the extension.

Those interested in more information should contact the offices of the Directorate of Forests of Messinia (Department of Forest Mapping), Hydra 5, Kalamata phone 27210-20820, fax 27210-93723 and email: .

Administrative acts
With the extension given, the interested parties have the opportunity to submit administrative acts based on which the process of revision of the under preparation, as well as ratified forest maps will take place.

It is noted that the ministerial decision, signed by the Minister of Environment Kostis Hatzidakis, includes all the administrative acts by which areas lost their forest character before 1975, so that these areas do not appear as forested and the owners are forced to go through the process of objections.

The Panhellenic Federation of Property Owners (POMIDA) had requested the extension with an urgent request from the political leadership of the ministry, but requested that it be until the end of September.

The Panhellenic Federation of Property Owners has pointed out that the regulation for the reform of forest maps is a recognition of the obvious, that when drafting forest maps the state can not ignore its own previous legal acts.

He had judged the deadline to be suffocating, as during the summer holidays there are certain difficulties, such as the closed town planning offices and the difficult to impossible to find a specialized engineer-surveyor-forester who will submit the relevant application and the required supporting documents.

By Viki Vetoulaki