Ongoing efforts of the Municipality to alleviate the water problem of the residents

This year is one of the most difficult years in terms of water shortage for the residents of the Municipality of West Mani and especially for those who live in the mountain villages. Villages, such as Pyrgos Lefktro, are days without a drop of water running from the taps, while in all other villages water breaks are now common.

A foreigner who has been living permanently for 12 years in Mani describes in the darkest colors what he and his family experience every day, with many days with 24 hours without water. On the other hand, the Municipality has made moves for partial, at least, relief of the problem, with the mayor Dimitris Giannimaras emphasizing "water is a public good and I must give it to everyone", as, as he said, it faces difficulties and reactions by some.

Tragic situation

The water problem in Mani is chronic and no matter how many solutions were examined, no one was ever found a final solution. Mr. Andreas, who has come from abroad and lives permanently in a village in Mani, told us that whoever does not have a tank does not have water. The water is cut every day and for many days, while there are days that have water for only one hour. On the one hand, as he notes, people are encouraged to build houses, hotels and swimming pools in the area and, on the other hand, there is no water, while the network and the tanks are old and unsuitable.

From April onwards the taps in Riglia, Milea, Platsa, Pyrgos etc. they produce salty water, which spoils household appliances and dries vegetables and flowers in the gardens. In the last month, as he noted, they do not even have salt water and, in fact, in a year that due to the coronavirus no people have come to Mani. Those who have money, as he said, buy water, which they pay 70 euros per 5 cubic meters, when they are in a remote village. He also lamented the fact that the inhabitants of villages that have water waste it in washes and swimming pools without calculating that their fellow human beings do not even have water to drink.

Relief solutions

For his part, the mayor of West Mani, Dimitris Gianimaras, noted that this year the problem is huge, as not much snow and rain fell. Since December, he said, procedures have been launched to secure water, while the coronavirus has delayed several actions.

However, a worker in Kotroni has already been found for the drilling, and a contract has been made with him for three years and the problem of salty water in the villages to Riglia, Trachila, Agios Nikonas, etc. will be solved.

Also, the Municipality made a contract with springs in Kastania, which belong to the Panagoulaki Monastery. Interventions have already been made, so that this water can be given to the residents as soon as possible, especially in Pyrgos, Riglia etc. Mr. Giannimaras estimated that within the week it will be possible to give.

However, he noted that all this time he has faced difficulties and reactions from some who do not understand that the situation is urgent and the villages should have had water since yesterday.

He tried, as he said, to get the access to water that exists in Altomyra, but some people rebelled.

"Water is a public good and I must give it to everyone. "People are right and I am willing to fight", the mayor concluded, adding that, if required, he will even address the prosecutor.

By Viki Vetoulaki