Positive Covid test in Neochori - Doctor Sofia in quarantine

Yesterday, Tuesday, February 16, 95 rapid tests were performed in Exochori and Neochori and only one positive was found, that of my husband Evangelos Katsouleas. 

In a test that I did I also found positive in the coronavirus and I am obliged to close the doctor's office for 10 days and to remain in isolation - quarantine in my home with my family. 

I am in contact with the clients of my practice who recently came to visit it and I have instructed them, despite all the precautionary measures I follow, to stay in isolation for the next 10 days.

 I consider it my duty to inform the public and anyone suspected of having a coronavirus infection should have the relevant laboratory test either at the health center or at Mr. Falireas' private practice and be quarantined immediately if the test is positive. 
In addition, he must immediately notify his close relatives and friends with whom he came in contact the previous days so that they too can be placed in a quarantine and the spread of the virus can be prevented. 
Unfortunately, some people hide it and endanger the health of those around them. 
Congratulations to those who implement the quarantine measures and inform their close contacts in a timely manner.

Coronavirus is not something we should be ashamed of or afraid of.  Prevention and a healthy lifestyle reduce the chances of getting seriously ill.  The vaccine is a lifelong lifesaver to build immunity in the population. 

Finally, the police and the municipality should be aware  of the cases in our area and apply fines in case the appropriate quarantine is not observed.

Post by Dr Sofia on FB just now