Renovations for the improvement of the urban space of Kalamata


It was signed yesterday by the mayor of Kalamata, Thanassis Vassilopoulos, and the president of "Development Messinia A.E.A. OTA ", Anastasios Sardeli, in the presence of the special collaborator of the mayor - civil engineer, Vassilis Koutrafouris, the Program Contract of the project" Integrated Intervention of Urban Regeneration and Upgrading of the Central Sector of Kalamata ".

This program contract concerns the elaboration of studies in an extensive area of ​​the central urban core of Kalamata. The intervention approaches the future of the city with holistic planning and is part of the preparation of the Municipality for claiming the new financial programs.

After the recent completion of a large part of the renovations that took place in recent years in the center of Kalamata, as in the central square and the surrounding areas, so now it is proposed to continue similar large-scale interventions in the center of Kalamata, by submitting a proposal for interventions in a large network of roads of medium commercial and economic value, which will aim at the economic recovery of these urban areas - after the covid-19 pandemic, through interventions that will trigger the resumption or even the strengthening of specific productive activities that had collapsed during the pandemic.

These extensive proposed interventions will give a strong developmental character to the city of Kalamata with multiplier benefits.

It is noted that the proposed renovations - using environmentally friendly "cold materials" flooring and other modern technologies - will reduce the negative environmental footprint and air pollutants produced through targeted interventions to reduce pollution and biomarkers, public space, with the integration of "smart" innovative elements (Smart Cities). 

The aim of the above interventions is to achieve the immediate improvement of the quality of the urban space, the improvement of the accessibility, the upgrade of the local economy, the protection of the natural environment and the adaptation to the climate change, covering the needs of the redesign and the revitalization of the urban areas. to an improved environment.

The purpose of the above renovations is, on the one hand, the return to the citizen of as large areas of public space as possible that will become attractive to the user and environmentally friendly and, on the other hand, the enhancement of urban development through environmental protection, by creating linear or alternating arrangement of trees from tall trees (note that the proposed areas are completely devoid of greenery). In addition, the service of the public and social interest by creating a remarkable regeneration, which in addition to the safe and comfortable walk by the citizens, will create actions that will ultimately benefit the natural and residential environment, with main objective is to improve the microclimate of the intervention area, the integration of bioclimatic characteristics,

In addition, the goal is to note a spectacular increase in the functionality of the area, with the formation of a single aesthetic treatment in a large part of the center of Kalamata (the intervention area covers an area of ​​approximately 38,000 sq.m.). This area will lead to aesthetic homogeneity, with the long-term goal of being in the future a "core" suitable for the expansion of upgrades to other neighboring areas.

In conclusion, through the implementation of the proposed interventions, it is possible to integrate all the existing renovations in the city center, so that as a whole they function as a single urban entity of recreation, greenery, promenade, attitude of residents and visitors, while providing economic development. goodwill in the area.