Road tax 2021: When the deadline expires - How to pay

February 12, 2021 9:11 p.m.

The deadline for road tax 2021 expires in a few days. How can you pay them, what should you do if you want to submit license plates.

The deadline for the payment of traffic fees 2021 expires on February 26, after the extension given due to the coronavirus, while on the same day the deadline for the submission of license plates for those who want to immobilize their vehicles expires

How to pay traffic taxes 2021

The notices of the traffic fees have been posted on the website of AADE and the taxpayers can see them with the QR code, paying the amount through mobile banking.

The fees can also be paid with RF code via web banking, or by paying the amount in bank branches and ELTA.

Traffic fees can be printed with or without taxis .

Owners of vehicles who want to avoid paying tolls will have the opportunity to submit an application for immobilization of their car electronically on a special platform, through the digital platform of the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE), named, myCAR.

The fines

If the tolls are not paid on time  , then vehicle owners will be required to pay fines.

The fine for late payment, non-payment or reduced payment of traffic fees is equal to the amount of the annual traffic fees