Roadmap of lockdown lifting in Greece - May 4

This is what the prime minister said to us today at 6pm. 28.4.2020

May 4, 2020

First thing to be lifted is the obligation of holding movement permits via sms or handwritten papers.

Allowed in exercise outdoors and at the sea (swimming!). Organized beaches will open at a later point.

Opening of small shops, hairdressers’ barbershops, beauty parlors.

Bookstores, sports-stores

Garden shops, optics shops

Churches but only for individual prayer.

Traffic restrictions from one prefecture to another will remain in force.

May 11

Students of the 3rd Lyceum grade will return to classes. Other Lyceum and High School classes will open on May 18. Official announcements about the schools are scheduled on Wednesday, April 29, by Education Minister Niki Kerameos.

Remaining business activity

May 17

Churches open to the public, the faithful are allowed to attend religious services under strict rules.

Full operation of public transport means

May 18

Traffic restrictions within the country will be lifted all together, that is movement from one prefecture and away from the area of the residence permit will be lifted. Most possible traveling to islands will remain only for residents.

June 1

Shopping malls and department stores

Cafes, bars, restaurants will be allow to have customers in outdoors space.

Hotels of 12-month operation

Remaining justice facilities, courts

Below is a rough schedule of the restrictions lifting as posted before Mitsotakis announcement by the media.

Beginning of June

Entertainment and sports venues (cinemas, theaters, entertainment centers, gyms, etc.)

Restoration of the domestic flights

Primary schools and possibly also kindergartens and daycare centers.

mid- June June 15

Hotels that are usually open all year, seasonal tourist accommodation.

Opening of organized beaches

Restoration of sea traffic to the islands

Group sports

Hotel units on islands and areas where there is insufficient health infrastructure, are expected to open in late June and early July and once the issue of air transport has been resolved.

End June

Restoration of international flights

Restart of Super League

Beginning of July

Opening of seasonal tourist accommodation facilities

It is noted that the labor rallies and events on May Day will take place on May 9, as movement restrictions are still in force eon May 1.

The Prime Minister said that large gatherings like in concerts and sports events are unlikely this summer.

Following Mitsotakis’ address to the nation, several ministers will brief the public in detail about the roadmap for lockdown lifting.

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