Signature for waste management units

Signature for waste management units

Next week, the Peloponnese Regional Governor Panagiotis Nika will sign the start of the construction process of the waste management units, which is estimated to start much earlier than originally planned, with the possibility that within the next five months it will be possible to start garbage management for the most problematic areas of the Region.
This was announced, among others, by the governor P. Nikas speaking in Nafplio today, Wednesday, October 7, in the context of the visit to Argolida of the Deputy Minister of Tourism Manos Konsolas.
The governor pointed out that the effective management of garbage contributes to the quality of environment and life that are a prerequisite for the tourism development of the Region.
Furthermore, P. Nikas - referring specifically to the issue of tourism - stressed that he does not care for anyone the fact that so far the Peloponnese Region has only 2.8% of the total tourism revenue in our country, while in There are at least ten world-class monuments in this area.