Strange phone calls from abroad


Hundreds are the inhabitants of Messinia, in all its parts, who have been receiving annoyances lately from telephone numbers abroad, all hours of the day, but also at night.

Strange phone calls from abroad

Caller ID holders have found that all numbers start with 0049 or 0050 and the like.
The day before yesterday we wrote about it after an inconvenience we received from residents of Evangelismos, but also from a doctor from Kalamata.
With the publication of the issue, both in the offices of the newspaper and in the social networks of "Tharros" hundreds of messages were published by readers, stating that the same thing has happened to them.

Others have answered the calls and hear someone speak to them sometimes in English and sometimes in broken Greek, while others have not answered at all. In fact, a reader told us that, because she sees the number, she has never answered the calls and for three days now they have been calling every 10 minutes…

When so many cases are recorded, with a more probable scenario of deception of citizens, how is it possible that there is no way for companies to intervene, even at the moment when the citizens themselves request it?
They should also be able to find their peace and the answer is "block all calls from abroad"…