Supermarkets will not sell a series of products

From today (11.11.2020) until November 30, when the lockdown ends, that is, the supermarkets will not sell a series of products.

The decision to ban the sale of certain products does not only apply to supermarkets but also to mini-markets, bakeries, butchers, fishmongers, pharmacies and car repair shops.

With the exception of cosmetics and tights, from today and for as long as the lockdown lasts, supermarkets can not sell non-essential products from their stores. But they can sell them from their e-shops…

What can not be bought in supermarkets until November 30:

Computers, computer peripherals and software
Telecommunication equipment
Audio and video equipment
Carpets, rugs, floor and wall coverings
Electrical household appliances
Furniture, lighting and other household items. Spare parts such as light bulbs are excluded
Household cleaners and brooms or brushes for household cleaning
Clothes with the exception of tights
Shoes and leather goods.

In essence, from supermarkets we can now only buy food, beverages, personal hygiene products, cleaners and detergents.