Three new cases and reduction of admissions in the clinic Kalamata Hospital


The vaccination platform for 55-59 opens today

Only three were the new confirmed cases of coronavirus that were announced yesterday in Messinia by EODY. At the same time, the overall picture of the country remains in the "red", while especially the urban centers to be "inflamed" by new cases. A total of 3,789 new infections were reported as well as 87 more deaths, with Greece soon reaching 10,000 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. The number of intubated patients remains very high, with 847 patients remaining in the ICUs of the country's hospitals. This situation removes for good the "scenarios" for Easter in the "village" and everything shows that even during Holy Week, travel outside the prefecture will not be allowed.

In Messinia, the few new cases have resulted in a reduction in hospital admissions. However, the 17 patients who remain in the "Covid19" clinic and both intubated in the "Covid" ICU prove that we are still far from normalizing the situation in our area, with complacency being the enemy.

Also, the administration of the hospital announced yesterday that from M. Monday 26/4/2021, in the Regular Outpatient Clinics of the hospital, will enter only those who present a negative answer rapid test of the SARS Cov2 virus, otherwise the appointment will be canceled.

Only in special cases of helpless patients the rapid test will be performed under the responsibility of the hospital.

The ladders of EODY continue on a daily basis the mass inspections from end to end in the prefecture, carrying out yesterday about 580 "rapid test". It is characteristic, however, that since the beginning of March until today more than 18,000 rapid detection tests have been performed only by EODY in Messinia, without counting what is done in private microbiological centers.

The vaccination platform opens for those 55-59

Today, Wednesday, April 21, the 55-59 age group enters the "dance" of vaccinations, with the platform opening for them as well. The 50-55 age group will follow on Saturday. Finally, in Messinia the total vaccinations of citizens with at least one dose reached 22,059 with 9,089 of them having completed both doses.