Tourism for All: When and how to get the 150 euro voucher.


The platform of the "Tourism for All" program is expected to open in June, which will give thousands of beneficiaries vouchers worth 150 euros for their holidays.
This voucher will be according to the standards of Freedom Pass, while the program will run from July.
The feature of this program is that it can be used in both summer and winter.


WHO CONCERNS: The program, amounting to 30 million euros, concerns 200,000 citizens.

CHECK AMOUNT: The voucher that will be given to the beneficiaries according to the standards of Freedom Pass is worth 150 euros.

WHEN WILL THE APPLICATIONS BE MADE: The platform is expected to open in June.

WHEN DOES THE REDEMPTION BEGIN: The checks can be redeemed from the beginning of July.

AS WE SAY "FREEDOM PASS": The new program uses as a basis the implementation of "Freedom Pass", providing a fully digital and simple process.
It can be used everywhere, without restriction, in accommodation, in a tourist package.


There are many last year's vouchers that have not been used in Social Tourism 2022 and are in danger of being lost if the beneficiaries do not use them.
So, those who still have in their hands the checks of the program 2021-2022, will have to "cash out" them by July 31, 2022. After this date the check will be abolished because the new ones of the new program will be issued.

BENEFICIARIES: Beneficiaries of the program are employed and unemployed who in the previous year from the start of the program:

-performed as employees 50 working days in the insurance of IKA ETAM with contributions in favor of the abolished Workers' Organization or
-received from OAED 50 days of special maternity protection benefit or
- have received an unemployment benefit of at least 2 months (50 daily allowances) or
-assembled 50 days in total from the above (working days, special maternity protection benefit and unemployment subsidy) or are registered unemployed in the Special Register of Unemployed

Persons with Disabilities of OAED at the closing date for applications.