University of the 3rd Age (U3A) in the Mani?

I've recently moved to Agios Nikolaos from the UK where I was a member of a thriving U3A.  I'm wondering whether there are people in the area who would be interested in establishing a U3A here - so I thought I'd float the idea and if there are a dozen or more people interested then I think we could start something going.

What Is the U3A?

The aims of the U3A are to promote the values of lifelong learning.  Members form interest groups covering a wide range of topics and activities in which they are interested.  Example topics might be:

  • A book or film group,
  • A walking group,
  • A local history group,
  • A bridge, chess or backgammon group,
  • A language group (e.g. modern Greek),
  • A crossword group.

For further ideas have a look at, say, the Faversham U3A.  Basically, we could have a group whenever there are half a dozen or so people who have a shared interest.  No qualifications are sought or offered: it's simply learning for its own sake, with enjoyment being the prime motive.  

Also, there is no distinction between the learners and the teachers: the idea is based around self-learning, possibly guided by members who have more knowledge or experience.

I'm interested - how do we get this started?

This can only work if there are enough of us who are motivated to do so.  At a minimum I'd suggest a dozen or so.  But since I'm interested, that means I've only got to find 11 other people!


So if you too are interested, can you drop an email.  It'd be helpful if you could say in that email:

  • Where you live,
  • What your interests are (i.e. what groups would you be interested in participating in).
  • Do you use Facebook or WhatsApp?

Then, if there is sufficient interest, I'll set up a meeting - probably in mid to late September - to take things further.

Carol Small