Water quality and continuity

On 18/07/2020, the Cultural Association of Lagkada, West Mani, applied to the Health Department of the Department of Environmental Hygiene and Health Control, in order to carry out water intake and analysis of the water we receive from the network of the Municipality.
Because it is not allowed to channel water for human consumption in the taps of our homes, without any quarterly analyzes and because despite the fact that it was requested in writing by the Municipality, from September 2019, to give us the water analyzes - which of course the Municipality he never gave it to us but neither has he posted them on Diavgeia as he is OBLIGATORY-
Today, the municipal network received a water intake from a tap of the Municipal Network.
Also, the Association, in order to ensure the reliability of the results, made a water intake which will be sent to the General State Chemistry in Athens & Ioannina.
We consider it unacceptable in the 21st century not to know what water is being channeled into our homes and for those in charge not to give the information that every citizen has to have at their disposal.
We consider it unacceptable to have water every 4-5 days with the only excuse "there is no water" without any other information !!
We assure our fellow villagers that we will take every legal action to make the problem of the Municipality of West Mani widely known and we call on everyone to join us in this endeavor.
The members of the Association were present at today's water intake:
Nicole Zacharea, Ioulia Petropoulea and Dora Makri.
When we get the results we will inform you and we will take every necessary action for the protection and defense of public health.
The Board of the Association.

Test results:

Dear village and friends, this is the response of the General Chemistry of the State in Ioannina, after the hydrolepsy of the Lagada Association.
Water conductivity, i.e. the salts it contains, amount to 4.860, when the tolerable for water for human consumption is up to 2.500 units!!!
In contact with General Chemistry and our question why no further analysis was made, the answer was that, since it was found inappropriate, it is not considered water for human consumption and is not further considered.
I think we can all understand what this means to us who have been washing our body, teeth, vegetables, dishes and glasses for so many years!!
We are still waiting for the analysis from the Health Directorate of Kalamata to follow every legal action, in collaboration with our Local Advisor Mr. Ioannis Kiskira, to preserve the health of the inhabitants and visitors of Lagada and the surrounding villages since we all get the same water I'm sorry.

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