Cycling is done a lot in the Mani. It is possible to bring your own bicycle by air but bicycles are also for rent in Stoupa, Agios Nikolaos and Kardamyli. 
Stoupa and Agios Nikolaos tend to have mostly recreational bikes with gears. Mountain bikes with gears can be rented from 2407 Mountain Activities in Kardamyli. But this is for the heavier stuff... Also The Basement in Kalamata has good bikes and they can pick you up at Kalamata Airport.

Make sure you have water, food and a good map when you go cycling. Also bring a jacket or something warm since the weather up in the mountains can be a lot different from Stoupa (as we found out when unexpectedly caught in cold and rain).
All of the described routes can be found on “view ranger”. This is a very handy free site / app for cycling and walking. Download the View Ranger App. If you have the map showing Stoupa, you can find my routes by putting the filter on MTB. Besides the MTB routes you can also find walks and more. If you search for the given View Ranger short-codes you will also succeed.
Find this guy:

Marc Kruiger


Most routes start from the crossing at the bakery in Stoupa

Below you can find a number of routes that are for leisure, training and more adventurous days.

I have rated the routes according to my own stamina, (born in 1962, but still going strong)

* = Easy, but still, it will never be flat
** = OK, but some small hills to conquer
*** = Now we are getting more serious. IF you are trained, it will be a great ride. 
**** = This will separate the men from the boys and the women from the girls
***** = This is on the edge of what I can do… maybe it is easy for you

Before you go:
Bring water! In many places we can get water along the road, on some routes it might be difficult.
Bring a spare tire if you are going into the mountains
Tell somebody where you are going or have a tracking app. If you use Viewranger you can use a buddybeacon (note: some places have no reception!)
Take food. Bougatsa is great for strong and long climbs
Wear a helmet in the mountains.
Smartphone with viewranger app. 
Do not bike alone if you want to do the ***** !
Put on a smile, and take a jacket if you are going up into the mountains.
Check the weather forecast when *****


Mountain bike routes

GPX tracks (Available soon)


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