REMEMBER in Greece shout 'βοηθεια!'(vo ee thia) for 'help!'

and dial 166 for emergency

(If a local ambulance is available, it can be there in about 10 min, but from Kalamata it will take 45+min )


CPR * First Aid Course at Ag Nikolaos Health Centre Aug.19th 2011
We were each able to practice the ABC of CPR ( see quick reference guide below ) on the dummy, then David was the 'guinea pig' for demonstrating how to put a person in the recovery position. After that we took turns as victim and helper, so we know how it feels .
( Note: CPR is DIFFERENT for young people and babies - see 1st Aid Care )

* CPR(Cardio Pulmonary Resucitation) is the primary First Aid treatment for sudden cardiac arrest

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