Recycle your home cooking oil at AB :

AB Vassilopoulos supermarkets  have been leading the way in encouraging recycling in Greece.  Their website (in English) has details about the range of items they recycle and other environmentally friendly initiatives. AB ENVIRONMENT

In particular their scheme for recycling cooking oil . There is a tank outside the AB supermarket in Kalamata where you can empty your old oil.
REVIVE, turns it into biofuel. Not only is this more ecofriendly than the drain, but for each litre, REVIVE donates 3 cents (€0.03) to the non-profit organisation, WWF!

REVIVE was founded in 2006, is staffed by engineers and technicians specialized in the technology of biofuels and biolubricants. It is equipped with all modern facilities, and has a fleet of trucks and tankers of for the collection of oil. Old edible oil is used for the production of biofuels and biolubricants.
In the last three years, REVIVE has had great success collecting used cooking oils from professional catering establishments. Currently more than 1900 organizations, industries, food outlets, hotels, etc. including AB Vassilopoulos and Atlantic supermarkets, Goody's, Everest, L'Artigiano, Intracom, Palmier Bistro and many others, who are actively involved in their processes and supporting our efforts. In recent months they have expanded their activity to the collection of used cooking oil from households. (November 2015)

You can contact REVIVE at the call centre center: 210 2116524 or e-mail: giving your name, address and phone number. A representative will contact you to explain all the processes up to placing the collection bin. Then they with arrange with you, days and hours for collecting the used cooking oils that will be stored in this bin. Finally, they give a certificate each quarter with the amount of oils collected and declaration that it will be allocated exclusively for industrial use.

has a Greek  page  REVIVE.AE

Their YouTube VIDEO shows where/how to donate and what happens to the old oil.

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