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In case of serious fire near Stoupa - Adrian (tel 693 974 3046) from Mani Pools has offered their high power pump to use swimming pool or tank water, for fire fighting. (Dec 2014)
Sea turtle protection Details of the work of the Greek sea turtle protection society in the Peloponnese - Kyparissia Bay, Lakonikos Bay and Koroni (Dec 2014) Earthquakes: Look down the list for ones that have the region name as: "SOUTHERN GREECE" and the Lat & Long something like 36.24N 21.74E.You can also enter search criteria for any area. (Dec 2014).
The Mediterranean Garden Society has an active Peloponnese branch and welcomes new members (Dec 2014).


Virtual Museum of Messinian Nutrition - The products, tools, recipes and traditions of the Messinian diet (Sep 2015)
Ekathemerini English edition Greek news in English (Dec 2014).
FRIENDS OF CHORA & TAIGETOS MOUNTAINS a Facebook page, mainly in Norwegian, about places and events. "This page is created so that more people will become familiar with Chora and Exochori. This is a wish from Maria Patrearchea who was born here". (March 2014)
EUROPA is the official website for the European Union and has information on all kinds of legal matters including tax laws that override national laws (Dec 2014).
agnik : A website for Ag Nikolaos which includes a webcam (August 2010)
GREECE IN BLOOM. is a blog by an Austrian documentary film maker about his journey around Greece by boat to depict a "timely portrait of Greece. economic reports(May 2012)
Local news from BEST TV Translations into English or German are not good, but enough to get the gist of a topic such as the opening of the new road from Tripoli to Kalamata (Dec 2014) Living working and musing in Greece. Blog covering many aspects of interest to foreigners living in Greece(Dec 2014).
Greek name days Listed by name or by date. For Greeks, name days ar more important than birthdays. Many villages celebrate the name day associated with their name eg Agios Dimitrios celebrates on October 26th.
Tracking packages Tracking missing post in Greece. There is still something of a black hole between the UK and Greece where packages can disappear for up to 3 weeks, but at least it is now possible to see if a package has registered in the Greek system.(Dec 2014)
Hellenic Cosmos. If you are going to Athens the 'tholos' , in the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre, is an interactive virtual reality theatre which is well worth a visit.(Dec 2014)



INSIDE the MANI The online version of the well established travel guide 'Inside the Mani' has many articles/issues available free  (June 2017).
FLASH ΤΗΣ ΜΕΣΣΗΝΙΑΣ MAGAZINE - Articles about life and people in Messinia available on line (February 2016)
WRITERS ABROAD is a website connecting writers all over the world - They publish anthologies of members’ work.(October 2015)
MANIATIKA : Internet showcase for the cultural heritage of Mani (March 2015)
Tales from a Foreign Shore : The story in David Hatherley's book "The Journey to Filanthi", continues as a weekly blog(Dec 2014). The Internet Theatre Bookshop (Dec 2014).
The Summer of Ag Dimitrios - poems by Peter Hughes (Dec 2014).
The Poetry Archive You can now listen free to English language poems recorded by their authors, and poems from the past. There is a special section for children(Dec 2014).
Newsfinder : Newsfinder is an e-magazine.' It is dedicated to discoveries, trends in the humanities, sciences, travel news, x-treme sports, martial arts, alternative, technology, culture, sports. Its intention is to provide an opportunity for academics and non academics, here and abroad, to publish their opinions, critiques, reviews, works of art, literary creations, music performances, and research articles that have contemporary perspective and relevance. We, hope it will attract people with multidisciplinary interests.' (Dec 2014).


Μιλώ Ελληνικά/SpeakGreek A new free online speech training tool for learners of Greek as a foreign/second language (November 2015)
SOS Children's Villages : They have a Community centre in Kalamata which provides support for around 90 families in crisis. Food and clothing always welcome for their charity store. (April 2013)
ARTISTS WINDOW : Gill Tomlinson lives in Harakopio and during the winter, leads walks in the Koroni area. She also runs Art Workshops, generally on location (Dec 2014)..
NTDTV is a Chinese(New Tang Dynasty) global news channel based in New York which produces a 30min global news video in English, every day (Dec 2014) Inf. in Greek about Mani
Free translation Short pieces of text can be translated automatically(Dec 2014). Fundraising made easy. If you want to start a campaign or support an existing cause, this is a useful site (Dec 2014).

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