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Fridge freezer: 100 Euro

SOLD Small chest freezer: 25 Euro

Contact Toni Bryant: 6977166618.

Προς πώληση:
4 ελαστικές με ζάντες 175/80 R 14, οδήγησαν μόνο ένα μήνα, 150 €.

For Sale:
4 Tires with rims, 175/80 R 14, used only one month, 150 €.

Zu verkaufen:
4 Autoreifen mit Felgen 175/80 R 14, einen Monat gefahren, VB 150 €.

Call Alisee at +30 6971833070 or +49 15732344441

SOLD My 1960's Salon is available at mid December. 200 euros if somebody is interested.

Anybody interested can contact me at  27210 73150 or : + 30 697 693 16 62 (I have WhatsApp and Viber).


Storage needed for household goods, about one small bedroom size, from ASAP for a few months. Must be secure and dry. 

Contact Lee or Tony on 698 0959 838.  


I am looking for temporary work in/around Stoupa. I can offer conversation classes in Italian.
Also available as a baby sitter (I have a level 2 certificate in child care and worked a nursery assistant in the UK for the past 5 years)or as a cleaner or gardener.
Open to any serious offer. References upon request.
Call Mario Marini on +44 7842 921517.

I am looking for a large water tank of 1000 litre.
Please contact: Diane 6908095873

House in Peloponnese

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