Vezuvios Restaurant

Message from Aris Christeas:-

Full Moon Parties: Next on Friday 2 October

A selection of Asian specialities and our traditional menu.
As well as Fresh fish and steamed Mussels!


Asian Nights: Not at the moment

It's necessary to book a table, please call 2721077291

Tel 2721077291, 6972753234 Email:       Vezuvios Mani Trip Advisor: Vezuvios Agios Nikolaos


A taverna between Ag Nikolaos harbour and the lighthouse, that has it all:

  • A deck right down on the waters edge where you can swim and have a shower!!
  • Absolutely fabulous food from Alexandra who has cooked for the taverna for the last 41 years!!
  • Such a relaxing place that you can sit there for hours!
  • Private parking and a playground for the children!
  • Visitors can breath in the romantic atmosphere and smell the sea in this magical salty paradise!
  • Traditional recipes to tempt your palate and delight your senses!
  • The best fresh fish - Dad is a tuna fisherman and Aris free-dives for special fish!
  • A pleasant temperature because of its position that always gets a fresh breeze!!


House in Peloponnese

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