Much of the ΔΕΗ website became available in English. EXPLANATION OF BILL The bill remains in Greek, but if you click on the   by each entry, the explanation is in English.

With the e-bill service PPC, you have instant access to your accounts at any time. Easily, quickly, safely, 24 hours a day, and most of it IS available  in English, including details of the conditions needed to qualify for the 15% discount, that was introduced last July. This includes paying on time! Scroll down to the footer bar on the ΔΕΗ page, for a link.

There you will also find a link  to Details of Methods of payment .  You can now also pay on line from your bank in another EU country, without a bank account in Greece, using SEPA  (Single Euro Payments Area) For what you need,  to enable you to do this, see SEPA Bank Transfer

With the  service you will have at your disposal :-
-- your bills directly
-- print copies
-- archive them electronically to your computer
-- access the accounts of all of your property! (home, cottage, business, etc.)

But before you can use the system you have to register :-   e-bill login

On the right side of this page you are asked if you are already a customer or a new user

User Registration
For registration to the PPC e-bill service, please insert your personal data as well as the E-payment Code ("ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΝΙΚΗΣ ΠΛΗΡΩΜΗΣ") & Invoice serial number ("Α/Α Λογαριασμού") as stated on the most recent bill.

* Name of client
* Phone number
* E mail
* email confirmation

* User name(whatever you choose to use)
* Password
* Verify password

Bill information
* Electronic payment code(Item 3. in the explanation of a printed bill) [1]
* Invoice serial numberA/A Account(Item 8. in the explanation of a printed bill) [2]
(A/A λογαριασμού )

The [1] and [2] refer to the numbers on this example of the old electricity bill.


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