Shooting starts August 2015

Posted August 11, 2015
Written by Ashley Peek
Category English

More shooting stars : From late Wednesday, August 12 to Thursday morning August 13, the night sky in the northern hemisphere - and of Greece, will display the most spectacular shower of "shooting stars" , the Perseids. Both the evening of the previous day, and the following, should also expect a good display. Those who stayed up all night, you will have the opportunity - if the sky is free from cloud - to see the spectacular astronomical phenomenon which can reach 60-100 meteors per hour. Given that the moon is not "full" (on 14 August there will be "new moon"), the sky will be dark and suitable for observations of meteors. The Perseids, considered one of the most spectacular meteor showers of the year as the "shooting stars" are predominantly fast and bright, often with long fiery "tails." Tharros