Artwork on Pefnos - The mating of Swan - Zeus with Leda

The works on the islet of Pefnos (Agios Dimitrios of Messinia) for the installation of a sculpture with carved representations in the shape of an egg have been completed !!! It is a modern work depicting the mating of Swan - Zeus with Leda. It was brought to life by the sculptor Giannis Gouzos according to the instructions of the great Greek archaeologist Petros Themelis. We warmly thank Dr. Elias Moutzouris for his decisive contribution to the completion of the project and the provision of the photographic material. We also thank the Municipality of West Mani, which financially sponsored part of the project, the technical staff as well as all the anonymous people who participated in the transport - construction of the mythological creation.

Local facts: One egg hatched the Dioscuri twins (whose alleged tombs are claimed in Kardamyli). The other hatched Helen and Clytemnestra.
Google maps notes the birthplace of Helen but drop pins it onshore. Google.maps
There are some travel guides support the local story. Already there are swimmers circling the island

Read also: FB-Ag.Dimitrios


Leda and Swan work by Michelangelo, who painted this in 1529





Source: FB-Ag.Dimitrios

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