Clean Mani meeting with Mayor

Clean Mani meeting with mayor Mr. Gianimara

I would like to inform you that on Thursday, February 6th, the Board of Directors of Kathari Mani together with its active members had a constructive meeting and discussion with the Mayor Mr. Gianimara. The mayor informed us of the moves of the Municipality of West Mani to procure composters, cutters and electric submersible bins. It is also in the process of implementing 2 transhipment points where bulk waste can be controlled. For its part, the Association submitted written proposals for cooperation with the Municipality, such as participating in information campaigns for residents on optimum waste management, organizing regular exchanges of material goods we do not need, applying the principles of Cyclical Economy and dialogue, with businesses, schools, tourist offices etc. He was also informed by the mayor about the current waste collection situation and submitted his requests so that the hazard would not be repeated. about the public health situation of garbage accumulation on the roads we lived last summer in our municipality.
Finally, the Deputy Mayor for cleanliness Mr Vavaroutsos invited us to participate in the cleaning of the old Koskaraka bridge on February 15 and we will be happy to join forces with the municipality and other associations to contribute to the cleanliness of the space we live in. Volunteerism to our fellow citizens. Special mention was made of the foreign volunteers in our club whom the mayor thanked for their love and contribution to Mani. We hope, and we aspire, that this good communication we have with the new municipal authority will lead to actions that will reduce environmental pollution and teach residents how to properly separate their waste.
Yours sincerely
Sophia Christofilopoulou
president of Kathari Mani Association