Domestic tourism is a savior for the Peloponnese

P. Nikas: The Peloponnese needs different and quality tourism
The governor of the Peloponnese, Panagiotis Nikas, spoke about regional development in Greece from the stand of the Economic Post at the 85th TIF.

"The Peloponnese is an area that is below its potential," said Mr. Nikas, noting that much needs to be done in terms of infrastructure.
"Indeed, in 2021 in many areas we had better performance than in 2019. A lot needs to be done because statistically we do not have even 3% of tourists entering Greece, we have more domestic tourism" noted the Peloponnese governor and added: "We need different tourism , quality tourism, as we have strong names that attract tourists and we will do everything to come ".
Speaking about the infrastructure, Panagiotis Nikas underlined that the Peloponnese region grants 50 million euros for the construction of a highway to Nafplio and specifically the crossing of Dervenaki, a project which will be auctioned in September.

"We succeeded and convinced the European Commission for the Corinth - Nafplio railway, which will be called" train of the archeological sites "and in 2021 we will have the beginning of the construction of the big marina of Nafplio" added Mr. Nikas.
At the same time, he spoke about the mountainous destinations of the region, emphasizing that the necessary resources have been allocated for the improvement of the road network so that all popular destinations are easily accessible. "Mainland Greece has amazing points," added Mr. Nikas.