Greece launches online map with corona risks per region

The Greek government has launched a new online platform with a risk assessment map that allows citizens to monitor the spread of the coronavirus in the country and keep up to date with current corona measures by regional unit.

The card - which can be found on the official government website - was introduced by Deputy Minister of Civil Defense Nikos Hardalias and Minister of Digital Administration Kyriakos Pierrakakis at a biweekly press conference on the corona pandemic.

4 risk levels with associated measures

The interactive map shows the risk in all 74 Greek regional units and which corona measures are in force. The risk level is indicated by four colors: green-yellow-orange-red. The levels are based on the number of new daily cases per 100,000 people.

Level 1 - Green - Low risk (preparedness / alert)
Level 2 - Yellow - Moderate risk (monitoring)
Level 3 - Orange - High risk (increased monitoring)
Level 4 - Red - Very high risk (strict measures)
Certain measures come with every color. For example, if a regional unit is on a green level, bars, restaurants and cafes are allowed to stay open until 1am. If a region is yellow, they must close at 12:30 am and if it is orange, at midnight. In a red region, bars, restaurants and cafes must be closed.

The rules for wearing a face mask and keeping a social distance are the same for all regional units, regardless of color level. Only at level red it applies that wearing a mouth mask is also mandatory in the open air.

No "red" regions

At present, 27 regional units in Greece are "green", 25 regions are level yellow and 22 are orange. No region is at the red level and, according to Deputy Minister of Civil Defense Nikos Hardalias, no area now even comes close to that level.

The risk assessment map is updated every two weeks - or sooner if the epidemiological data in a particular region warrants it.