Neochori Gym opens again

Hello to all,,,
I have good news for those of you who are missing the Neochori Gym. We will be re-opening on the 22nd of Jun 2020. I’m sure you all know we will be operating with social distancing in mind and we will have new procedures that we all must follow. In additions to that, we will have new operating hours.
Listed below are the new procedures and hours.

• New operating hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 (noon, mid-day) there will be no evening hours, for now.
• Hands must be sanitized at the entry door to the gym and before entering each room.
• Maximum capacity in the weight room area will be limited to 6 people. (Maximum workout time in the weight room will be limited one hour)
• Repositioning of exercise equipment to accommodate 2 meters will be in place.
• Everyone must bring a body size bath towel, to place on the equipment that they are using. The towel cannot remain in the facility.
• Gloves are mandatory, weight lifting gloves will also be okay
• Facemask are not mandatory, but are recommended. (I workout with one on and its okay)
• Everyone must observe the 2 meters apart physical spacing rules.
Even with these rules we can still enjoy ourselves and get in a good workout.

Hope to see you at the Neochori Gym soon.
Adrian Bryant