Sewage network in Kardamili, Stoupa and Agios Nikolaos Mani


And water in Tseria, Exochori, Proastio

The Municipality of West Mani will sign a program contract with the Development Company of Messinia, in order to mature studies for the implementation of important projects in the region by the "Antonis Tritsis" program.

The projects for which the Development Company will prepare studies are:
-Hydraulic sewerage study of the settlements of Kardamyli, Stoupa and Agios Nikolaos
-Drinking water transmission network from the water intake "Poli Potami" for the water supply of the Communities of Tseria, Exochori and Proasti
-Study study for the improvement of Dendra-Pigadia road of the Community of Pigadia of D.E. Αβίας.
In fact, for these projects, but also for others that the Municipality seeks to implement from the "Antonis Tritsis" program, the mayor Dimitris Giannimaras had meetings in Athens yesterday and duly submitted the files for the financing of these studies.


For the projects to be included, maturation studies must be implemented immediately, so that it is possible to determine the project budget and there is readiness in their announcement, while for the included projects, all their implementation actions must be supported.

The maturation of the projects requires planning actions for the elaboration of the necessary technical studies, as well as support in securing the required approvals and licenses from the competent and co-competent services. The purpose of all these actions is to prepare the submission dossiers of the proposals to be funded.

Due to the understaffing of the services of the Municipality and the specialised content of several studies, it is difficult for the competent services in a short period of time to implement the project planning actions, to prepare the specific studies and to prepare the financing files, thus requiring consulting and technical support. That is why the conclusion of the program contract was deemed necessary.

The studies that will be prepared are: topographic, geotechnical, geological, environmental, hydraulic, static, studies of hydraulic works, transport, electromechanical, chemical and tender documents.

The budget for all three projects amounts to a total of 631,634.92 euros and the total implementation schedule is 28 months from the signing of the contract.

Sewage Sewerage

The first and very important project is the sewage of the settlements of Kardamyli, Stoupa and Agios Nikolaos. The object of the study is the hydraulic study of the project and the projects of collection, transport, treatment and disposal of the treated wastewater of these three settlements will be examined.

These settlements are currently served with septic and / or absorption wells. As pointed out in the explanatory memorandum of the projects, in such residential areas with a sharp increase in accommodation due to tourist pressures, we encounter a number of illegal sewage drains in streams or even directly into the sea. Therefore, the problem of sewage and wastewater treatment is very intense and is an immediate priority project for the region. In addition, the coastal location of the studied settlements, in combination with the residential development from the intense tourist development, make necessary the existence of appropriate infrastructure projects, such as a modern sewerage network with the required Sewage Treatment Plants.

This study will determine with economic and technical criteria, with accuracy and completeness, the projects that are to be constructed, so that a reasonable budget of their expenditure is obtained, so that the project can be auctioned, as well as its smooth and artful construction and operation. .

The object of the studies will be:

-Internal sewage network for each settlement, with pumping stations that may be required depending on the topographic relief

-Transmission pipelines (gravity and / or depressant) to the Wastewater Treatment Plant

-A wastewater treatment plant for the settlement of Kardamyli

-A Sewage Treatment Plant for the settlements of Stoupa and Agios Nikolaos

-Transmission pipelines from the Sewage Treatment Plants to the appropriate recipient, based on the required environmental commitments.

The design will cover the future sewerage needs of these settlements, in a depth of 40 years. In one of the two proposed Wastewater Treatment Plants, a sewage station will be provided, so that it is possible to receive them from other settlements of the Municipality.

The purpose is the proposed sewerage system of the coastal settlements of Stoupa, Kardamyli and Agios Nikolaos to serve the needs of permanent residents and visitors, especially during the summer. The new wastewater management projects of the three settlements are of primary importance for dealing with the immediate adverse effects of uncontrolled wastewater disposal and the protection of public health, and further, will ensure the environmental upgrading of the area, which is a fundamental condition for its social and economic development. Thus the area will be upgraded to a modern and environmentally sensitive tourist destination.

Water transfer

Another very important project promoted by the Municipality of West Mani is the construction of a drinking water transfer network for the water supply of the Communities of Tseria, Exochori and Proastio. The object of the study is the construction of a new external water supply network

from the "Poly Potami" water intake site to the existing water tanks of the three Communities.

The height of the water intake position is about 1,180 meters and the water supply will be with closed pipes under pressure, because all the tanks are at a lower altitude.

The length of the pipeline to the Community of Tseria is about 12 km, to the Community of Exochori 3 km and to the Community of the Suburb 5 km. The total network is about 20 km.

This project will strengthen the water tanks of the settlements, so that water shortage problems do not occur during the summer months, when there is intense tourist activity.

Dendra - Pigadia Road

The third project is the study for the improvement of the Dendra-Pigadia road. The road is about 10 km long and serves the residents of the area, but also the numerous visitors who wish to tour the settlements of Western Mani.

The road is open along its entire length and the circulating surface is made of gravel and soil. Its width is not constant, so it is not safe for vehicle traffic, which is more intense during the winter months. because it is the time for the olive harvest.

The road needs to be improved horizontally and at altitude. It should have a constant uniform traffic width and the curves should be widened in accordance with the current regulations.

By Viki Vetoulaki