The definitive study for the reconstruction of the Stoupas harbor was approved.


From the Ministry of Culture - The work to be done.

The definitive study for the reconstruction of the port of Stoupa in the Municipality of Western Mani was approved by the Ministry of Culture, specifically the Department of Prehistoric and Classical Archaeological Sites, Monuments and Archaeological Projects.

The approval of the study by the Ministry of Culture was necessary, as the project is located within the declared archaeological site of Lefktro.


The study concerns the reconstruction of the existing port of Stoupa and includes the following works:

-Construction of a platform, approximately 28.70 m long
-Construction of a pier approximately 35.10 m long
-Construction of renewal pipelines
-Dredging of the seabed
-Construction of a "deck" corridor on a metal frame and wooden floor for access to and from the
beach, located at a level of +0.50 m., with a varying width from 2.50 m. to 6.80 m. and a total length of 31 approx. m
-Construction of an access ramp, parallel to the parking lot, 3.40 m wide, from the local road and perpendicular to the rocky slope, in contact with the existing wall of the adjacent property, approximately 25 m long
-Construction of an underground fire extinguishing tank of 12 sq.m. of reinforced concrete in the space formed under the ramp's landing.
-Construction of a fire-extinguishing pumping station in contact with the underground fire-extinguishing tank.
To facilitate and safely dock small boats, residents and visitors, as well as to serve pleasure boats, the following will be installed:
-Towers (pillars) for water and electricity supply
-Turret (pillar) and fire fighting equipment
-Lighting bodies in the framework of the port's electric lighting
-Obelos with navigation safety light at the end of pier BG3
-Layers and elastic inserts on the platforms for the security of mooring and docking
-Small electric crane at the beginning of the wharf for lifting and launching boats

Under conditions

According to the decision of the ministry, the approval is granted under the following conditions:
- Throughout the implementation of the works, all necessary measures must be taken for the cleanliness of the wider area of ​​the project, to avoid the accumulation of materials, as well as for the removal of waste materials
-Special care must be taken when approaching the supply vehicles - transporting materials, in order to avoid disturbances in the operations of the area around the project (visitors, bathers, vehicle traffic, commercial activity, etc.).
- Excavation and dredging work to be carried out under the supervision of an authorized employee of the Ephorate of Marine Antiquities.
-At least ten working days before the start of the works, the co-competent Ephorates of Maritime Antiquities and Antiquities of Messinia must be informed in time by the project owner and the contractor of the works, in order to take care of their supervision.
-In the event of locating or finding antiquities during the excavation works, the owner and the project contractor must stop them in order to carry out rescue excavation research in the context of a separate archaeological sub-project, the results of which will depend on the progress of the works.

The project will be carried out by the Peloponnese Region.